Tully Gram

Tully Real Estate are proud sponsors and active supporters of Community REInvest

Community REInvest is a philanthropic program through which REIWA real estate agents identify opportunities, mobilise resources and support the people of WA, particularly the homeless. The program is facilitated by REIWA. 

REIWA and its agents believe it’s important to be actively involved and help local communities by giving something back. 

By forming close and productive partnerships with established and trusted organisations at a statewide and local level, REIWA agents focus on key areas of need and collectively help through fundraising, volunteering and delivery of services. 



Partnering with The Salvation Army

Through Community REInvest, Tully Real Estate and other REIWA agents provide support to help the Salvos continue their vital work in WA, particularly in response to homelessness. 

If you'd like to help out those sleeping rough on our streets, please consider donating. By doing so, you’ll be helping the Salvos provide much-needed services to those in need such as meals, accommodation and crisis counselling. 

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